how to lose your home & save your life

Winner of the Cork Literary Review Poetry Manuscript Competition 2013, Angela T. Carr's debut poetry collection, How to Lose Your Home & Save Your Life, mines the territory of a personal journey — fighting to protect her home from the errors of a financial institution — and explores the unspoken realities, and precarious hope, of lives lived in the shadow of the Celtic Tiger's demise.

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praise for 'how to lose your home & save your life'

‘…a remarkably cohesive and carefully crafted collection of poetry. The voice is refreshing, original and interrogating, painting a picture of contemporary Ireland that is clearly post-boom; debt-ridden; urban and edgy with the quiet desperations of modern living.’
— Joseph Woods, Poet & former director of Poetry Ireland
‘Mature, visceral work – full of vulnerability, devoid of self-pity... made timeless by its berry-plump language and potent imagery… How To Lose Your Home And Save Your Life is as dense and dark as a forest. Get lost in this book.’
— Susan Millar DuMars, Poet & Co-founder of Over The Edge
‘There are not many debut poetry collections as skillful as this. The beauty of reading ‘How to Lose Your Home & Save Your Life’ is, in part, the feeling that you have found a new voice, then realising that voice must have been already found long ago. Carr’s collection is cohesive, she knows what she has to say and does so with an accuracy and the kind of simplicity her contemporaries will appreciate is not simple to achieve at all.’
— Kelly Creighton, The Incubator Journal
‘...born of unbearable reality… The Dáil should pass legislation forcing the banks to give every applicant for a mortgage a copy of this book.’
— Kevin Higgins, Galway Advertiser
‘…a beautifully-wrought collection, one a reader will want to return to both for its melancholy music and its fiery spirit.’
— Afric McGlinchey, Poetry Ireland Trumpet