What is One-to-One Poetry Mentoring?

One-to-one poetry mentoring is an opportunity to have an experienced poet read your work and provide individual feedback and advice.

Why is Mentoring Useful?

When you’re no longer a beginner and not part of a regular writing group or university programme, it can be hard to get the kind of constructive feedback that allows you to take your work to the next level.

Mentoring provides a fresh perspective on your writing, along with valuable advice on how to refine and polish your work for submitting to literary journals, publishers and competitions.

‘Angela gave intelligent and instructive advice in a gentle and encouraging manner... She made several good suggestions and these are things I will try to implement as I progress. Receiving a short emailed report in advance provided a good basis for the discussion and her follow up email, with additional thoughts and pointers is just the cherry on the icing! I’ve no hesitation in recommending her mentoring service to other writers, and have in fact already done so!’
— T. Kiernan, UK (March 2019)

Why me?


In the past 10 years, my poems have been placed or shortlisted in over 35 national and international writing competitions - including the 2018 Laureate’s Prize, chosen by UK Poet Laureate, Dame Carol Ann Duffy - and published in journals and anthologies in Ireland, the UK and the US.

With two years experience as a poetry editor, I know what journals and competition judges are looking for when they read your work.

More about my writing experience >>>

What’s involved?

I offer one-to-one poetry mentoring on the following basis:

  • One hour session via Skype/phone on a day and time to be agreed;

  • Based on 6 poems (up to 150 lines) submitted by email at least two weeks in advance of the session;

  • Initial feedback on poems with suggestions and/or comments (approx. 500 words) provided prior to the session;

  • A follow-up email with resources and reading suggestions.

The mentoring session can be used to discuss your work and the initial feedback in more detail, areas for developing your work, any problems you may be experiencing in your writing, and to answer your questions about revising and submitting your work for publication.

what does it cost?

The cost of a one hour mentoring session is €75.00, to be paid at time of booking.

Book Mentoring Session

A one-to-one mentoring session can also be purchased as a gift, with a presentation voucher for printing. For this option, please add a note to the order. Vouchers are valid for 18 months from booking.

what happens next?

When you book a mentoring session, I will contact you to agree a day and date for the mentoring session to take place. I will also ask you to tell me about the kind of poetry you are reading and poets whose work you admire, to give me a sense of your interests.

If you have any questions about one-to-one poetry mentoring, please contact me.

praise for Poetry Mentoring Sessions

Talking poetry is very close to psychotherapy; you need to talk intimately with a stranger... They don’t need to know you, they need to know poetry, poets, writing. Angela is perfect: serious, focused, compassionate, curious, passionate. There is no time for fake praise and cheer leading. Make it better is Angela’s motto. I got a lot out of our session and am looking forward to our next.
— D. Lohrey, Japan (March 2019)
‘Since leaving school, it has been difficult to get focused, quality feedback on work, and this was exactly the solution I had been looking for. The time speaking with Angela was well-balanced between specific line by line critique of several poems, and also more general advice and feedback about where to go forward from here in writing, poets to read, exercises to try out and so on. Overall, it was a delightfully positive, encouraging experience and I came away feeling revitalized in my writing practice.’
— D. Anter, Germany (March 2019)
‘I didn’t have any set expectations, but I did have hopes and these were more than matched by the turn of events... I got so involved that for a while I forgot the time and everything else really, becoming pretty well immersed in the liminal moment of it...which (speaking as a teacher myself) I think is pretty much exactly how teaching/learning events should be. I found [the session] powerfully effective as a tool for opening up blockages in my own thinking process and revealing potential ways that I can advance my skill and understanding as a poetic writer.’
— C. Sparks, Ireland (December 2018)
‘I found the session excellent. The summary prior to the Skype call was very beneficial, particularly the headings, which gave me a breakdown of themes, styles and forms. I gained a lot of insight into my poems. The call then looked at these more closely. I was surprised at how much effort and attention had been given to my work, the learning was much deeper than taking workshops or classes, as it gave individual attention to each poem. I am very grateful to have had this experience and will avail of it again in the future.’
— A. Fahy, Ireland (March 2019)