Booking for 2019

Red Line Book Festival - 7-13 October 2019

So You Think Your Poem is Ready to Publish? - sat 12 october

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This workshop, suitable for emerging writers who are submitting to journals and/or competitions and want to improve their success rate, will focus on:

  • what editors and competition judges are looking for when they read new work;

  • key qualities that will make your poems sing;

  • a checklist of practical steps to hit the mark when they land in an editor/judge’s inbox.

Each writer will have the opportunity to submit a poem beforehand and will receive feedback during the session.


More information and booking available at Red Line Book Festival >>>

Praise for Angela as a creative writing facilitator:

Angela is a talented writer with the generosity and ability to nurture, encourage and facilitate other writers at varying stages of their writing careers. The challenge is a heartening environment for fostering creative thinking. Place your seedling poems in this cloche, some will grow and thrive... this is the ecosystem that will give them at the very least a warm and nourishing start.
— R. Bugler
I really have hankered to write for so long - and this challenge was the most precious gift in that it has empowered me to write - instilled a habit that I will never give up... Angela shares her wisdom and experience so freely and with such generosity that I feel I have to honour that by keeping my side of the bargain and write, write, write.
— R. Greene