Poetry Competitions & Submissions - February 2015

Poetry Competitions & Writing Submissions - February 2015

First day of February, first day of Spring! Time to make a fresh start and to help you shoo your latest poetic masterpieces out into the world, here's a fresh batch of poetry competitions and writing submissions to look out for this February:

(Click on links for info)

Helen Literary Magazine - Poetry, Flash & Short Fiction, Non-fiction, Spoken Word, Film, Art & Photography, theme: Music - closes 1st Feb (submit online)

Open House 2015 Poetry Competition - Poetry, judged by Liz Berry - closes 1st Feb (submit online)

Berkeley Poetry Review - Poetry to challenges conceptions of race, gender, sexuality, ecology & poetic form  - closes 1st Feb (submit online)

CutBank Literary Journal - Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction - closes 1st Feb (submit online)

Bellevue Literary Revue - Poetry, Short Fiction, theme: War - closes 1st Feb (submit online)

Cuirt New Writing Prize - Poetry & Short Fiction - closes 2nd Feb (submit online)

The Piggot Poetry Prize (in association with Listowel Writers' Week) - Poetry collections - closes 3rd Feb (submit by post - publishers only)

The Corinium Museum Poetry Competition - inspired by works in museum, all ages - closes 6th Feb (submit by post)

The Fourth River - Poetry, Creative Writing Poems, theme: Queering Nature - closes 7th Feb (submit by post)

SubTerrain Magazine - Poetry, Fiction, Essays, Memoir. Spring Issue, theme: Outsiders - closes 10th Feb (submit by post)

The Michael Hartnett Poetry Award 2015 - Poetry collections - closes 12th Feb (submit by post - publishers only)

Burning Bush 2 Online Literary Magazine - Poetry, Guest Ed. Joseph Horgan - closes 14th Feb (submit online)

Lumen / Camden Poetry Chapbook Competition - Poetry, judged by George Szirtes - closes 14th Feb (submit by post & online)

Side Eye Digital Magazine - Poetry, Fiction, Flash, Non-fiction, Memoir, Visual Arts - various, from 14th Feb (submit online)

Fire River Poets Open Poetry Competition - Poetry, any style - closes 20th Feb (submit online and by post)

The Strokestown Poetry Festival Competitions - Poetry, Irish Language, Comic Verse - closes 27th Feb (submit online and by post)

The Stinging Fly - Poetry, Short Fiction, Translation - closes 28th Feb (submit online and by post)

HAD Poetry Competition - Poetry, theme: Honouring the Ancient Dead - closes 28th Feb (submit online and by post)

YorkMix Open Poetry Competition 2015 - Poetry, judged by Carole Bromley - closes 28th Feb (submit online)

Wag's Revue Winter Contests - Poetry, Fiction, Essays - closes 28th Feb (submit online)

Tupelo Press Snowbound Chapbook Award - Poetry, 20-36 pages - closes 28th Feb (submit online and by post)

Ninth Letter Journal - Poetry, Fiction, Essays - closes 28th Feb (submit by post)

Okey-Panky - Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Graphic Stories - dark, comic, experimental - closes 28th Feb (submit online)

The Rialto Nature Poetry Competition 2015 - Poetry, judged by Simon Armitage - closes 1st Mar (submit online and by post)

Paper and Ink Zine - Poetry, Fiction, Flash, Memoir, Rants, theme: Shitty Jobs - closes 1st Mar (submit online)

Atlanta Review International Poetry Competition - Poetry - closes 1st Mar - (submit online and by post)

Pilcrow & Dagger - Poetry, Fiction, Essays, theme 'Hometown Stories' - closes 1st Mar (submit online and by post)

Black Warrior Review - Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction - closes 1st Mar (submit online)

Quotable - Poetry, Fiction, Flash, Non-fiction, theme: Atmosphere - closes 1st Mar (submit online)

Doolin Writers Weekend Competitions 2015 - Poetry & Short Story - closes 2nd Mar (submit by post)

Listowel Writers' Week Competitions - Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction - closes 2nd Mar (submit online and by post)

Rethink Your Mind - Poetry, Artwork, Photography, theme: I feel better when I am... - closes 15th Feb (submit online)

Synaesthesia Magazine - Poetry - mini collection of 3-5 poems, judged by Mark Cugini - closes 16th Mar (submit online)

Journals with open submission periods in February:

The Southampton Review - Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Plays - opens 1st Feb (submit online)

Lunch Ticket - Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Translations, Visual Art - opens 1st Feb (submit online)

Paris Lit Up - Poetry, Fiction, Essays, Reviews, Art - opens 1st Feb - 15th Mar (submit online)

TriQuarterly Magazine - Poetry, Short Fiction, Non-fiction, Plays, Video Essays - opens 16th Feb (submit online)

Slice Magazine - Poetry, Short Fiction, Non-fiction & Artwork, theme: Desire - opens 1st Jan - 1st Mar (submit online)

Ambit Magazine - Poetry, Short Fiction, Flash - opens 1st Feb - 1st Apr (submit online and by post)

Granta Magazine of New Writing - Poetry, Fiction, Memoir, Reportage and Art - open until Apr 1 (submit online)

Lighthouse Literary Journal - Poetry & Short Fiction - open (submit online)

The Ofi Press Magazine - Poetry & Short Fiction - open (submit online)

Best of luck!

(Illustration by Nicole Ray via Etsy)