A Moment of Pause


For the past several weeks, my daily grind has been consumed with preparing for the launch of my debut poetry collection - final tweaks to the manuscript, meeting with the publisher, approving printed proofs, resolving technical issues at the printers, organising the launch, issuing invites, contacting media and interest groups, making a promo film poem, and plugging the book / launch on social media... It's been non-stop, and all the while the butterflies jittering away - will the book look good, what poems will I read on the night, what if no-one comes? It has all been about the energy and force of will required to put the book out into the world. Then, yesterday, I had a moment of pause and realised:

I'm not just putting a book out, I am letting the world in.

Years of work, of scribbling away in quiet moments, with no idea the words I write might someday be read, felt and understood. My feelings, my observations, my ideas, my experience - as of now, they no longer belong to me.

I bring the words to the page and let them go. It is someone else's turn to claim them.

(Image via BBC News)