The Art of Seduction


Over the past week, Poetry Foundation have posted tantalising snippets of gorgeous, succulent love poems, teasing and tempting us into a relationship with the original works. They've even compiled a treasury of love poems in all its various guises - from friendship to first flush, from the depths of passion to love long-lost. Well, I've fallen.

Here are my favourites to round off a week of love offerings.



Flirtation by Rita Dove


Recreation - Audre Lorde


Wild Nights - Wild Nights! - Emily Dickinson


Valentine by Lorna Dee Cervantes


I have to tell you - Dorothea Grossman

And just in case you should need any more help (and this really is the last time - I'm going above and beyond here), a favourite piece of musical seduction.

In my mind, this is exactly what Cary Grant would play to woo Grace Kelly - or vice versa.